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Rules are Meant to be Broken!

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Women’s Grateful Dead Tanks

Women’s Grateful Dead Tanks

If there’s one thing that’s constantly evolving, it’s fashion! Trends come and trends go; rules are made and rules are broken – all in the name of fashion! So, if you’re looking to treat that rebellious streak in you by breaking some rules, here are some fun ones for you to consider…

Whoever came up with the idea of not wearing white after Labor Day certainly did not consider the many prospects of styling white outfits that are available today! From lace to leather and sequins to embellishments, there is a sea of options out there and if you want to break some rules, this might just be the best place to start!

Denim on denim! Now that’s one rule we’ve seen the celebrities break every now and then! Is there a reason for you not to do it? Well, if you’re still worried about the monotone look, here’s one tip that can solve the issue: pick a pair of jeans in a shade or two darker than your denim jacket or top – this way you can easily break up the monotone look! But if you’re still nervous about the look, try pairing a shirt with your denims and throw on a denim blazer so it’s not too dramatic!

Wearing socks with sandals or heels was considered a huge fashion faux-pas back in the day; and now that, we’re considering breaking fashion rules, let’s get on with this one! As you can tell, wearing socks with your heels not only lets you take your summer heels through winter, but also puts an unexpected twist to your style!

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