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Prints, Pockets and Charm – All About Kate Moss’s New Line

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Cami Waisted Dress

Cami Waisted Dress

Conforming to the regular conventions has never been her style, perhaps that’s why Kate Moss has always been such an inspiring figure in fashion, so much so that the latest ramp sensations like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are so proud to show off styles that were once Kate’s signature styles. The lanky English model has teamed with the shirt company Equipment to create a capsule collection of shirts, flared-leg pants and chic jackets. Take a look…

Kate’s style has always been this perfect mix of boxy and feminine; for instance, she’d pick a shirt with a boxy-cut but retain the feminine charm with cutesy prints. It’s just what she did with her collection; here you’d find a pretty black and white polka dotted shirt with boxy pockets but it’d be perfect-enough to wear to work.

Flared-leg jeans have always been a trademark of Kate’s, so it didn’t come as a surprise when she designed a few pairs for the collection featuring wide leg openings – the classic cut has always been a winner!

Ah, the breezy slip dress! A style that’s a retrospect of everything that represents Kate Moss, no collection can be complete without the now-iconic slip dress!

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May 30th, 2016

Thrills and Frills

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Ruffled Off-shoulder Tencel Top

Ruffled Off-shoulder Tencel Top

As you ponder over whether or not you can wear frills without looking girly and cute, allow us to remind you that frills can bring in a whole lot of thrills to your look. Here are a few instances you can wear frills and still stay miles away from the tag ‘girly’…

As one Balmain fan to another, there is never a wrong way to wear frills especially when you team a frilled top with a boxy square-shoulder coat. A style that has become synonymous with the Balmain silhouette, this is one look you can try even with an affordable coat!

Frills are fun; pick a top with Victorian-era frills at the cuff and throw on a jacket on top leaving the frills peeking out from beneath the sleeves of the jacket or, pick a flared-hem blouse and top it off with a cropped moto jacket and leave the layers of frills exposed – there is no way for either of these looks to seem ‘girly’.

Wear frilled tops or blouses with leather pants or leggings! Needless to say, leather takes off the cuteness factor off of frills and replaces it with an edgy, raw and power-packed appeal!

So, if your heart is set on a frilled top or blouse but you’re skeptical about trying it because it might be out of your style realm, these tips should give you some alternate styling options. Grab frilled tops, blouses and other summer tops from ON and enjoy free shipping on your purchase with Old Navy online coupons. Simply enter the Old Navy coupon code FREESHIP at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only until the end of the day, May 19, 2016.

May 19th, 2016

Joining the ‘IT’ Girl Squad

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Pixie Mid-rise Ankle Pants

Pixie Mid-rise Ankle Pants

IT girl squads are quite common among the Hollywood clan. For instance, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are not just BFFs but also part of an IT gang,as are models Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne. Here is breakdown of these stars’ styles that make them hugely popular among the masses…

Crop tops, lots of crop tops! In fact, almost all of the members of the girl squad have proved their love for the coveted cropped top trend early this year by donning them for happening red carpet events, and sometimes when on the streets too. In fact, for most of them their street style is defined with crop tops!

Another popular and favorite IT girl accessory is leather pants or leggings; they are super-easy to style, and are always in fashion regardless of the season! So, that makes the case for leather bottoms!

Glitterati: We know for a fact that these girls love the bling, but you’re never going to find them wearing them bling from head-to-toe. They are known for wearing bling in moderation like a blinged-out pencil skirt, a shirt or a pair of bling pants teamed with a lacy crop top!

All-nude outfits! Monochromatic outfits have been in the fashion circuit for long, like really long. But it was not until these girl gangs introduced the idea of wearing 3-piece ensembles in the same color that they become this popular. In fact, we could even say that these girls’ love for long flowing duster coats is what sparked off a huge demand for these coats in an assortment of colors!

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May 16th, 2016

How to Style a Printed Mini Skirt

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Soft Pleated Mini

Soft Pleated Mini

Of the many summer must-haves, a printed mini skirt tops the list! The many reasons for its popularity range from comfort factor to unique style statement; whatever be the reasons, one’s got to admit that a printed mini skirt is fun and cute! Here are some cool ways to style this simple and flirty summer staple…

Styling a printed skirt is so simple, which is why it probably looks so good even with a plain tank top. Take for instance, the skirt in the picture – a beautiful navy floral skirt with miniscule floral prints; you can style it with a white tank top and a denim jacket but the look would be pretty normal. To jazz it up, add a beautiful sash in bright blue and let it carry off the look to a whole new level!

A simple and gorgeous skirt like this one will look good with anything, so you can even style it with a rugged denim shirt, a pair of red shoes (for contrast) and a matching red handbag, and still look like a million bucks!

To work up this casual skirt just a bit so you can wear it to a lunch date or a doctor’s appointment during the weekends, give it that cute-girl touch with a crisp white sleeveless shirt. A braided leather belt in cognac, matching suede boots or pumps and a tan handbag will really take this look places!

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May 13th, 2016

Hot Offers on Kids and Baby Styles from ON

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Fit-and-flare V-back Dress for Girls

Fit-and-flare V-back Dress for Girls

When it comes to summer style, we love to keep things simple and understated! And, when it comes to kids’ style, the simpler the better! Effortless has always been the norm in children’s fashion, and off-late, classic and care-free silhouettes teamed with easy and comfortable fabrics have transformed the face of kids’ fashion. Need proof? We have some stylish toddlers from Instagram, who, although are not dressing themselves, certainly know how to give us some cool tips and look their stylish best.

Seven-year old Haileigh might look like any other little girl from your neighborhood except she has her own Instagram page with thousands of followers. Her style mantra for the season is fluid dresses made from natural fabrics like cotton, jersey, silk and rayon; she does indulge in a bit of lace like any fashion-forward lady, but keeps it short and dresses down her lace dresses with printed flats!

Alonso Mateo has been setting the stage for toddlers all over the globe since a very young age; and this kid’s summer style includes lots of light-wash denim separates with light-colored jackets, blazers and cardigans. This season, the young model has ditched his famed brown leather jacket for a pair of round sunnies and a beanie cap!

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May 9th, 2016

Grab Kids and Baby styles at a 15% off at Old Navy

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Printed Tank & Bloomers Set for Baby

Printed Tank & Bloomers Set for Baby

Thomas Jefferson once said ‘Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today’. The gentleman’s words have been proved to be quite true time and again a number of times in the past. So, here’s something that simply cannot wait: a sweet 15% discount on baby and kids styles at Old Navy that is valid only for today, May 6, 2016. So, don’t wait any longer; shop right away…

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May 6th, 2016

3 Easy Tips to Look Taller

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Mid-rise Harper Trousers

Mid-rise Harper Trousers

Everyone wants to look model tall; and, who can blame them? Having super-long killer legs that never seem to end is definitely sexy! While we can’t help you grow any taller naturally, here are some clothing hacks that can make you look taller, instantly! Pay close attention and use these tips to unfold the magic…

Every chance you get to wear something printed, choose vertical stripes and lines. These have a naturally figure-elongating capability that you can utilize to the fullest extent. Either wear pin-striped pants and a solid shirt, or go with a solid work-suit and wear basic striped shirts to give yourself some extra inches.

Go monochromatic! Wearing one color head-to-toe is definitely more beneficial to your height than wearing solid separates. So, if you’re wondering why celebrities always wear all-black, all-white or all-red pant-suits for events, here is your answer!

This final tip has nothing to do with clothes but it is quite effective in adding inches to your height, so we thought we’ll tell you anyway! Just put your hair up in a top-bun – this will increase the visible height of your frame and give the illusion of being taller!

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May 6th, 2016

Off-duty Model Looks

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Boyfriend Skinny Ankle Jeans

Boyfriend Skinny Ankle Jeans

Yes, models have the ability to look great during ramp-walk but there are some stars who manage to keep their noticeable charm intact, even off the ramps. Here are a few instances from recent times that’ll restore your faith in star styles…

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has the most perfect street style ever! She was recently spotted in a light-wash denim dungaree teamed with a peach-colored peasant blouse. She finished off her look with tan thong-strap sandals and a matching cross-body bag, and had on this season’s favorite summer piece, a pair of round-eye sunglasses.

As long as we’re talking denim, we’ve got to say something about models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. While the former prefers ripped, tattered and destroyed boyfriend jeans teamed with casual tees or tailored tops, the latter, Kendall, prefers tight-fitting skinny jeans and crop tops. Gigi has been spotted a many times trying out a number of jean combination such as tailored formal blouses, white shirts, and classic black and white striped tees, while Kendall prefers variation only in the form of prints or textures on her crop top!

Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, models known for their swag, seem to show a keen preference for loose-fitting jogger pants, printed pants and tailored flared pants this season. While they love to pick their top-wear from all over the fashion map, like graphic tees to tailored white shirts, they prefer to keep their bottom-wear loose and breezy to suit the sunny weather.

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May 5th, 2016

The Usual Suspects

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Fit-and-flare Cami Dress

Fit-and-flare Cami Dress

You know what they say about winning style? Search, search and search until you find one that suits you well! And, once you do, exploit it, shamelessly! There are plenty of advantages to sticking to your signature style; one of the most prominent being you already know that your outfit is going to look good on you and you can spend the night in peace knowing that your name is never going to pop up on that ‘worst dressed list’. The other being living up to expectations; you know that people are going to be expecting something out of you so living up to those expectations is like keeping your fan-following happy, right? Ask us, and we’d say it’s excellent strategy! Take a look at some of the stars who took to this strategy and stuck to their signature styles during the recent Met Gala!

Lupita Nyong’o is known for her love for bling and colors that others wouldn’t even dare try. At the Met Gala 2016, she wore a forest-green sequined sparkly dress from Calvin Klein and made it look like a million bucks. The dress featured elements that we’ve seen a few times in her earlier outfits and loved a lot, such as the plunging neckline, strappy back and long flowing train! But the color, we just loved the color!

Zendaya also knows her silhouette and colors, and stuck to it during the Met Gala. She wore a golden one-shoulder high-neck column gown from Givenchy and only just experimented with her make-up, a little louder than usual – dark smoky eyes, nude lips and a dark bob wig!

Kate Hudson also chose to stay true to her usual style much to our delight; this time she picked a white cut-out Versace strapless sweetheart-neck number that came with a flowing train. We’ve seen her rock the strapless, figure-hugging silhouette a number of times, and white is definitely her winning color.

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May 4th, 2016

Have you Heard of the Spring Blackout?

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Split-neck Hi-lo Top

Split-neck Hi-lo Top

Really, have you heard of the spring blackout? We all know the whiteout, but what’s the blackout? Well, it’s a phenomenon that’s been crippling the spring fashion scene this year and stripping it of all its colors. April is over, and we’re already into May, but spring colors are yet to be seen on the streets. There are a whole lot of solids including black, navy, gray and even burgundy, but spring colors surprisingly seem to have no takers! While no one has any clue why this strange spectacle is happening all across town, we all know one thing for sure: it’s not going away anywhere, anytime soon. So the next time you take a trip downtown and chance upon a few pretty ladies clad in all-black outfits, try not to act surprised! It’s the season of spring blackouts! If you’re wondering how the celebrity world is taking on the news, let’s us say ‘with flying colors’, or more like flying without colors! Everyone from happening models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid to Ciara, Gal Gadot and Bella Hadid are all busy taking on the trend and flaunting it every chance they get. So, if you’ve still got your winter solids hanging around in your closet, make the best use of them this season; if not, you could always shop a few solids at ON and save a bunch on your purchase with Old Navy online coupons. For instance, use the Old Navy coupon code TREAT at checkout and avail a 40% discount on your purchase, plus, free shipping on purchase of $50 and above. Hurry, this offer clocks out by May 2, 2016.

May 1st, 2016