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What’s your Airport Dress Code?

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Womens’ Cross-front Drapey Jumpsuit

Womens’ Cross-front Drapey Jumpsuit

While there are no apparent rules while dressing for air travel, would you frame one? While airport dress codes may depend greatly on whether you’re travelling coast to coast on a domestic airline or flying international for the holidays where you’re required to spend long hours cramped into your seat, dressing for air travel requires some prior thought!

Dress to your need! Whether you’re travelling for casual purposes or for a formal business meeting, it would help if you dress according to your need. Wear your formal business suit or skirt-suit and lose the jacket once you’re inside the plane; if you’re travelling first class, you can enjoy the luxury of having your jacket hung, but even otherwise, you can conveniently fold your jacket and tuck it into the overhead storage compartment!

If you’re travelling casual forgo the urge to go the usual way with jeans and a tee shirt; jeans can be tight and restricting and considering you’re going to spend quite a while sitting in the plane, jeans might not be a good option while flying! Yes, we hear you! That’s what most of the celebrities wear; but guess what? Most of them; not all of them, adopt the same route! There are a few, like Miranda Kerr who choose give comfort the upper hand while opting for an airplane dress code!

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