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What’s After Your Wedding?

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Fashion OutfitsTwo souls entwined, two hearts beating as one, Ah! The beauty of a marriage! It’s a ceremony that spreads ecstasy to everyone who is a part of it. In a sentence it can be summed up as the day when the couple beams with joy with the thought of forever-after, while their friends and family share in the happiness!

And yes, there are a lot of preparations to be done before a wedding, but, there are few more things to be taken care of, after the wedding too! The bliss does not stop after the ceremony, there are little things to prolong it, read on to know more!

  • The first thing is to send “Thank You” notes to all those who graced the occasion, after all they deserve one! To keep it easy you can pen down the names as you open the gifts to make sure that everybody receives a note of gratitude.
  • Now, moving on to the announcements, there are always those friends who have to miss out due to unavoidable circumstances including distance, so make sure to make the announcement to them in a grand way! Create a small wedding card with one or two of your favorite pictures with a note saying, “You were missed but not forgotten”, and send it to them!
  • Though photographs are given high importance these days as the main means of capturing and storing memories, even the little objects like your wedding invite, guest list, the hairpin you used, your gloves, the ring bearer pillow, a ribbon or two and some flowers can be stored up to serve as an important memorabilia. It’ll be fun going back through those things in your older days with your grandchildren!
  • Well, the most important thing to do is to relax and have a good time in those first few days you get to share together before you get into the humdrum of life with jobs and deadlines. Make sure to treasure each moment!

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