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What to Wear to a Casual Work Atmosphere

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Linen-blend Boyfriend Tee

Linen-blend Boyfriend Tee

For those of you who get to work in a completely formal work atmosphere, you have a million ways to style your outfits. Yes, it’s just formal but at least you know the rules that you have to play by. But think of the people who work in a semi-formal or almost casual work atmosphere! It would be a mammoth task to look stylish yet not too put-together or over the top. If you’re one of them, then this one is just for you. Here are a few ways you can rock the sexy but stylish look at work with ease.

Since your work atmosphere is relaxed, you can too! Pick a pair of jeans, that’s faded but not torn, ripped or distressed, showing off skin in the work spot is a strict no-no, no matter how informal your work space is. Now make sure the fit is right, not too skinny and not too baggy, but something that just fits you right; now pair this with a plain tee shirt and thrown on a blazer to complete your outfit. For shoes, opt for booties or a pair of lace-up shoes to get that posh-girl look going for you.

But if you’re tired of the old jeans and tee shirt routine, pick a pair of jeggings and style it with a tank top; now cover it up with a belted jacket or a blazer and don’t take it off at work. And, because you’re going to be wearing this jacket all through the day, make sure it’s comfortable enough and does not cling to your skin; choose something that fits moderately but make sure the shoulders are done-up good. This way, you will the best dressed chic at work without trying too hard.

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