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Unusual Ways to Style a Plaid Shirt!

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Classic Plaid Flannel Shirt

Classic Plaid Flannel Shirt

The power of plaid is oblivious to many! While it’s common knowledge that plaid shirts are a must-have wardrobe staple, playing around with a plaid shirt has never been this easy! Here are some unusual ways to style your plaid shirt…

Those billowing borrowed-from-the-boys plaid shirts can be a tricky thing to pull off; but we’ve hacked a street style to make it wearable! Instead of wearing your plaid shirt as it is, use it as a wrap blouse. Gather the ends of the shirt and stretch them across your front and tie them up at the back! Now that’s one way to wear your beloved plaid!

Something else you can do with a plaid shirt is, use it as a head scarf! Spotted on none other than David Beckham, while he was vacationing in Hawaii, last summer, this trend is cool and a smart way to take a dig at the boys-inspired fashion!

Draping a plaid shirt around your waist is pretty common and styling a plaid shirt as a jacket is also pretty common; so, how about combining the two trends to form one outfit? Pick two contrasting plaid shirts; drape one around your waist and the other around your shoulders and go wild with your own style!

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