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The Shoe Addict!

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Block-heel Sandals

Block-heel Sandals

Run through this scenario in your head: You’re getting ready for a promising date with your special someone. You’re all dressed up and ready to head out; and then you take one last look in the mirror and you see that something’s amiss! You wonder what it is and then you figure out that you need to change your shoes! You try out almost every other pair in your closet only to find that the one you had picked out in the beginning is just the perfect pair for the outfit you’re wearing! If you can relate to this scenario, then you’re something what we call a shoe addict! Don’t worry! It’s not bad, it’s just that you’re in love with shoes, probably a little more than the next girl! In your defense, there a number of to-die-for shoes out there that it’s next to impossible to curb this shoe addiction! Our suggestion: feed your addiction with a couple of more shoes!

We have a pair of you: the block-heel sandals from Old Navy. It’s charming and pretty with a nice white band across the top of the foot and an adjustable ankle strap. Wear it with your work pants or a nice floral print dress for a party.

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