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The Only Fashion Tips You’ll Ever Need – Part II

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Women’s Marled Fitted Tee

Women’s Marled Fitted Tee

Continuing on the previous write-up where gave you some indispensible fashion tips, here are a few more, with which you can get the best of fashion and sport the best of styles with ease. Read on…

  1. While we told you that understanding your body is the primary task in getting your clothes, it’s also equally important to understand your colors! Hold up colored fabrics against your skin and observe the color pattern reflected upon you; this will help you understand whether you have a warm or cold tone. And, then you can choose clothes accordingly!
  2. Invest in a good double-side tape. Given that you may not be using them for regular work days, you must have them for special dates and events when you want to rock a plunging dress. These tapes are great at holding up necklines in place and preventing fashion mishaps.
  3. Unless you’re living in the southern part of the hemisphere, it would be wise to invest in a good trench coat! You just need to have one good trench and even if you repeat it every day on top of a beautiful ensemble, it will still garner you lots of style points, plus, keep you warm on the streets!
  4. Shoe shopping? Pick shoes that fit you; get the angle, arch, fit and heels right! Never choose shoes that you can wear only for a short time even if it looks incredible! Choose comfort over style any day and trust us, there are a gazillion options for you to look good in heels without having to kill your feet!

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