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The Only Fashion Tips You’ll Ever Need – Part I

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Women’s Crop Tee

Women’s Crop Tee

There are a number of reasons why we end up with clothes we do not love or desire anymore; the primary mistake lies in what we shop and how we shop! Here are a few fashion tips, the only ones you’ll ever need, to get your style right and never to regret your purchase ever again! Take a look…

  1. Before you start shopping for clothes, try to understand your own body! Figure out what suits you best; your shape, size and your measurements! Understanding your body will help you choose outfits that suit you and fit you perfectly! Once you have well-fitting, good looking clothes, you’ll never grow out of your love for them or be tempted to get rid of them!
  2. Choose clothes carefully; invest in pieces that you will wear for a long time. It is always a wise decision to go with clothes that are a bit expensive, if you can get a good fit; a proper fit ensures that you will wear the garment over and over again, which means value for your money and more life from your clothes!
  3. While shopping for clothes with a button-down feature, make sure that they fit properly and there’s no room for the peek-a-boo effect, aka the gaping hole formed in between two buttons! That is never an attractive feature and besides, buttoned-down shirts are supposed to do one thing – stay buttoned down!
  4. Shop for clothes that make you feel comfortable; there is no point in wearing an expensive dress if it feels too tight at the underarms or the chest area makes you feel like constricted!
  5. For those last minute events, have a couple of ready-to-wear ensembles hanging in your closet with all the accessories, shoes, stuff, etc. They will be super easy to pull off and wear on the go!

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