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The Logical Way to Detox your Closet

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Linen-blend Tank Dress

Linen-blend Tank Dress

Spring is almost here, which means it’s time for you to upgrade your style in accordance with the new season. And this throws a challenge no woman would be willing to face – the closet detox. Hate the task? Here is a logical way to end up with a chic, crisp and fresh-looking closet filled with clothes you absolutely love and wear often, and a closet that totally leaves room for newer additions. Take a look…

Take out every single item of clothing; yup, make sure nothing remains! Once you’re done, you can use the time to dust off and wipe down the inside of your closet. And, now getting back to the task at hand, separate your clothing into 4 boxes or bags, depending on the size of your collection!

Fill the first box with clothes and accessories that you love and use often! They fit you perfectly and you’re content with your choice; in fact, you might even buy them again, given the chance – this is your ‘keep’ pile that goes back into your closet eventually.

The next box gets filled up with clothes that need minor fixing or little trips to the tailor. Set a time frame and attend to them as soon as possible.

As for the third box, you can fill it up with clothes that you’re not sure about. Items of sentimental value, gifts, memorabilia from past relationships etc., Put them in a box and leave them at the bottom of your wardrobe; if you don’t miss them for a month or two, donate or throw them away!

And finally, you’re left with clothing that you no longer love or value; recycle them as rugs, pet toys or kitchen towels!

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