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The Crochet: Fun Facts!

One of the most elegant artworks – thanks to the fashion world for liking its taste, we now have an effortless way to ooze femininity! These crochet patterns may sound simple to knit, but did you know it took an Irish famine to give it a great landing? Sounds interesting? We have even more fun facts to let you enjoy on – just sit back, relax and enter the world of crochet!

  • Feminine beauty was so adored the early days – that the women used to hold the crochet hook like a pencil. Reason: History has it that in the 1800s, this hand positioning was thought to be more feminine and graceful!
  • It was 1812 that the first written reference to crochet appeared. And it took almost 28 years to gain popularity, roughly around 1840s.
  • At the early days, crochet hooks were made by carving woods and bones. Now, blame the advancements, we have it in plastics, steel and brass!
  • It is believed that crocheting is proven to improve your logic skills, math skills and overall hand-eye co-ordination – so no more is it just any form of art!!
  • Did you know that there was even a record set for most people to knit at the same time? The event that brought in the most number of people together to crochet at the same time in same place was organized by The National Needle Arts Association which took place at a New York Mets baseball game in 2010.

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