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The Closet Edit: 4 Tips to Shop for the Perfect Closet

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Women's Textured Chevron-Stitch Sweater

Women’s Textured Chevron-Stitch Sweater

All of us want to have that perfect closet – one that churns out one great outfit after another. But a great closet isn’t built overnight; it takes time, effort and some really cool tips to reach this level of perfection.

Always invest in quality clothing as opposed to cheaper buys that are good just for one occasion. It’s okay to spend on cheap clothes only if you’re collecting memorabilia from a trip; but under all other circumstances, it’s better to go with a quality substitute. You’ll find, upon practice, that good quality clothing lasts longer and gives you more wear!

Variety is the key to having a closet that caters to all your needs. It’s not just enough to have great set of work clothes, you also need a separate section for stocking casual, party wear, athletic wear and red-carpet dresses.

One thing people ignore while shopping for clothes is to look for character. Your clothing should be a reflection of your true personality. If you’re buying clothes simply because they’re on sale and not because they add value and purpose to your clothes, then you need to focus more on clothing that go with your personality.

Always, always buy clothes that fit your perfectly! Many a times, we find ourselves with a great haul of clothing that require a short trip to the tailor for alterations, but somehow never see the light of the day because you never seem to find the time for the same.

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