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The Balancing Act!

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Patterned Chiffon Shirt

Patterned Chiffon Shirt

It’s not just about the classy dresses and elegant gowns, a complete wardrobe must have a balance of classics and basics. More than any of us would like to admit, our wardrobes has one of these two in excess. If you’re a just-out-of-college fresher, then it’s most likely that your wardrobe has a ton of tee shirts and jeans with a few blazers. But if you’re a working professional, your wardrobe would spell classy elegance with a lot of sheath dresses and pencil skirts. But, having a complete wardrobe is about having a mix of both, the basics and the classics, in just about the right proportion. Let’s see how you can achieve that…

Now, what is a balanced wardrobe? It’s just the right combination of basic work pieces or school outfits combined with a set of outerwear, seasonal clothing and party outfits. You might be familiar with the food pyramid with proteins and carbs forming the base of the pyramid while other fatty items occupy the top portion. Well, a balanced wardrobe is a lot like a food pyramid; it has key basics or everyday pieces in the lowest portion, followed by casual items like jeans, tee shirts, long tops and others. In the next section we have work wear or professional clothing which range from pencil skirts to pants and dark suits to blazers. Then, we have the accessories including scarves, caps, jewelry, shoes and more. On top of this, we have a collection of trendy items or season clothes like denim cut-offs, shorts and miniskirts for the summer or sweaters and cardigans for the winter. Next, is the high-quality outerwear or rotational pieces that work all year long. At the top of the pyramid, we have special formal outfits like a bling party wear or red carpet outfits.

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