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The Backpacker’s Guide to Paradise!

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Canvas Backpack

Canvas Backpack

Say hello to the iconic accessory which continues to defy time with its makeovers to suit generation after generation. Stylish and comfortable, nothing beats the attitude of a backpack. It is a faithful companion on those road trips and hikes that define adventure and a youthful zest for the extraordinary.  If you’ve got to pick on a sack for your next fun trek, better keep a tab on the following points while shopping for it. Remember, it’s about fit, type, capacity and features-

  1. There are daypacks for single-day hikes and expeditions. They happen to be soft-backed or frameless and are meant for lighter loads of 10 to 15 pounds.
  2.  Internal frame packs are meant for bigger, heavier loads and are the ideal option for activities like climbing, skiing, or bushwhacking and their narrow-fitting construction helps to facilitate weight transfer to the hip area which makes for easy carry.
  3. The straps should wrap comfortably around your shoulders, without pinching or digging under your armpits. The hip belt must be positioned accurately so as to eliminate sway or thumping as you move.
  4. Think of your essentials and the duration of your trip and then go for the corresponding size which would be in cubic inches or liters.

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