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The Art of Looking Stylish

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Striped Linen-blend Romper

Striped Linen-blend Romper

If you’re actually wondering, then yes, looking stylish is truly an art! It’s not something you stumble into one day and voila, you go out looking stylish. Putting together a great outfit, looking stylish and getting ready for the day ahead takes a lot of work. While there are plenty of advice out there regarding style and looks, little do people talk about shopping – after all having the right kind of clothes is the key to looking stylish, right?

First things first, try to avoid binge shopping; And, yes there is such a thing as binge shopping! It’s when you go out on a whim and buy things without a proper plan, list or structure. Try to make a list every time you go shopping, and stick to that list like it’s a code. If at all you find a piece that’s not on the list, you can always make the exception but you’ve got to come up with at least 3 ways you can use the said item into your existing wardrobe.

Then, pay attention to the fit, function and fabric of the piece you’re shopping! Ensure that the clothes you choose fit you like it’s supposed to fit! Also, ensure that whatever you’re buying is functional and has a key role to play in your wardrobe. There is no point in investing a piece that only might occasionally see the light of the day. And finally, pay attention to the fabric. Not all fabrics are great on all figures; likewise, you also need to shop according to the season!

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