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Faux-leather Boat Shoes

Faux-leather Boat Shoes

They say that the mark of a true gentleman lies in his shoes. Whether it’s for a casual day out or a strictly formal business meeting, shoes are the final piece of the puzzle, called fashion. When it comes to shoes, men’s fashion is so different from women’s. You don’t have to worry about your shoes matching your bags and your make-up; no, this is something for women! But, even for the boys, there are a few rules when it comes to picking footwear. And to guide you through the first step in building a great wardrobe, here is a list of must-have shoes for you…

Dress shoes: Forget the loafers, forget the monkstraps. The simple trick to getting your uber-formal look right is to get a pair of pitch-black lace-up shoes that are really dark and slick-enough to make the ladies swoon. Make sure your shoes have a no-fuss, no-mess quality about them; there cannot be any perforations, any sort of decorations or the like. Keep things strictly professional to nail that I-mean-business look!

Casual shoes: Save the neon versions with built-in padding for the gym hours; for casual hours, you need to go with a pair of leather canvas shoes. These shoes spell class and give you a Christian Grey-esque look. And, you know women love his style!

Suede shoes: And, for the occasions that are not quite formal and not so casual, for in-betweens, stick with suede shoes. They are suitable for a number of occasions and can be pulled off with ease as these shoes are low-maintenance.

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