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Summer Workwear Essential – The Striped Skirt!

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Women's Calf-length Pencil Skirt

Women’s Calf-length Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are the perfect work wear accessory for women! But in an environment where floral skirts might be frowned upon as unworthy of the corporate scene, you have a savior in the form of striped skirts. And, for the figure-conscious, simply pick vertical stripes and try out the following tricks. But for those, who love to flaunt their figure, here are a few tips to style horizontally striped pencil skirts!

Since we’ve already established horizontally striped pencil skirts as the ideal work wear option, let’s rule out all other possible combos involving denim shirts, tee shirts and graphic prints. Go subtle and pick a soft or neutral colored pencil skirt that doesn’t scream for attention. Remember, subtle is the way to go! Colors like gray, pale blue (not pastel blue) and cream will be a nice option!

As we enjoy the comfort of opting for subtly colored bottoms, pick tops that are the solid; go for striking a black button down shirt or a dark navy blue number that will really bring out the professional in you. Otherwise, opt for blouses in the same color family to spark things up a bit. If you’re going for a peplum blouse, now is the chance for you to show off regal style; cinch you waist with a metal-tinged belt! Other blouses like flirty ruffled blouses, drop-shoulder blouses and asymmetrical hem blouses in dark shades will make a perfect combination for your  striped pencil skirt. Steer clear of other dark shades like red, royal blue, dark pink and shades of green, as they will prove to be a distraction in your formal work zone.

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