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Style with the Summer Heat!

Summer StyleWith the Sun shining bright in the sky and temperature soaring through the roof – summer has started to catch up with the intensity before you know it. Apart from carrying your SPF creams, scarves and fedoras, you also need to take care of the way you are dressed for the summer. Yes of course, still stylish!

Read on to find what extra resorts you can come up with to beat the scorching summer…

  • Though dark colors can be among your favorites, skipping them this summer and opting for more neutral shades will be a better choice – as white and neutral colors tend to absorb less heat.
  • Choose clothes that have more cotton blend in it; the more the cotton, the  better when it comes to wicking away moisture from your body. Hence keeping you sweat-free!
  • Choose relaxed outfits like sundresses, breezy skirts and fabrics with more mesh patterns and less weave for that extra ventilation. Anything tight can be unbearable in this season.
  • Every woman has a craze for accessories and of course, they do jazz up your look. But, the season demands lighter and minimal accessories. So, huge neckpieces in layers can become uncomfortable when it’s especially hot and humid outside. Go for lighter blings – they are classy and fail-safe!
  • Cannot get away with leathers! But the best option is to lock them away for winters or else, you might liquefy in them.
  • Lighten up your look a step more by using small handbags when going out on a summer day. But no options on a vacation, beach pack ups always come heavy!

And as F. Scott Fitzgerald said,

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer

Summer is full of surprises and can be enjoyed to its extent with few dealings.

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