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Shine Bright in Yellow Oufits! Get them at a 25% Discount from Old Navy!

Yellow OufitsYellow, the color of sunshine is one of the big talks of the year, its been spotted on pretty stars like Olivia Palermo and Selena Gomez in the red carpet quite often in the past months. Whether in the form of accessories or apparel, this color can brighten up any look and make you shine!

Use a pair of yellow shoes to brighten up a plain outfit or accessorize with a yellow scarf to bring more style to your look. A yellow purse can do so much to an all-black look and, needless to say, a yellow dress will sure make you stand out in the crowd!

Why don’t you grab a handful of some yellow outfits today and inject this pretty color in your look? Well, before you do that, take a few minutes to find out some interesting facts about this color -

  • Psychologically, yellow is the happiest color in the color spectrum
  • In Japan, yellow is considered as the color of courage
  • Wondering why taxi’s are yellow? This practice began in Chicago, where taxi entrepreneur John D. Hertz painted his taxi’s yellow based on a University of Chicago study alleging that yellow is the color most easily seen at a distance
  • In his book “Remarks on Color”, the author Johann Von Goethe wrote,”With yellow the eye rejoices, the heart expands, the spirit is cheered and we immediately feel warmed.”
  • In Aztec culture, yellow symbolizes food – because it’s the color of corn which is the primary food of the Aztec people
  • In China, people associate the color yellow with royalty and respect

Now get some pretty yellow dresses, scarves, tops, shoes and pants, you’ll find them in abundance in Old Navy.When you’re done shopping, enter the Old Navy coupon code ONSPRING at checkout to claim the discount. This offer is up from today, April 13, 2013 till April 14, 2013. Stay bright and happy with Old Navy online coupons!