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Shades of Olive

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The Pixie Mid-rise Ankle Pants

The Pixie Mid-rise Ankle Pants

Of all the colors underestimated by the fashion world, olive green takes the cake! It’s one of the most beautiful and vibrant of colors yet it’s such a pity that it’s so undermined. Olive green is a delightful mixture of black (a color that reflects sobriety) and fresh moss green (a color that syncs with vibrancy) that leaves you with a combination that warm yet understated; cool yet cozy! This is probably why it makes sense to wear olive green this season – when it’s neither cold-enough to wear multiple layers, nor warm-enough to wear just one summer piece!

A bright olive green jacket will make the perfect piece to tone-down an all-black ensemble like black leather pants, black tees and black pumps! Also, if you’re bold, you can play with textures, and even pick up a leather jacket in olive green to go with all your formal and demi-formal combinations.

Olive green dresses are truly exceptional; in the sense that they can totally underplay your look when you want to go under the radar, but can instantly step up your style game when you choose to go with accessories.

Formal work pants in olive green are not just for models meeting up with their agents in posh offices; if you set your mind to it, you can wear this color too – just team them with budding floral printed shirt and a muted nude sweater, or go with a tan brown shirt and matching boots!

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