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Seven Things to Remember When You Wear a Long Dress!

ol2Long dresses are elegant by nature so no wonder you look your best when you slip in to one! Here’s a list of things to remember while going for long dresses – so you can look all groovy and never go wrong with the look!

  • Remember the write-up to dress to your skin tone? Well, stick with the idea – pick any hue, but check if it suits you! Add a little contrast to your look with bright bling earrings or keep it simple with stones of the same color!
  • If you wear a sleeveless dress, make it a point to fill your hands with a few bracelets. Bare neck looks sexy but sometimes when there’s a call for more choose statement neckpieces of common colors. Try these and see yourself transform in just seconds!
  • If sleeved, going for bare hands will be a better choice. But, make sure you keep your finger nails painted and put on a huge statement ring to pull off the look effortlessly!
  • A high ponytail can never compete with free-falling hair when it comes to long dresses. So, your best choice is to leave your tresses free or opting for a bouffant style.
  • Always remember to keep it light with makeup and do not overdo it. Paint your lips in dark shades – after all, it is the hot trend right now!
  • Clutches are actually the favorites of celebs who wear long dresses – so just mimic the same! Small and shinny clutches are carried ever since long dresses are worn; so, think out of the box and carry a nude or transparent clutch for a posh look.
  • If your dress is too long that it hides away your sandals, simply stay out of it. ‘Coz your sandals are one of the most sexy accessories.

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