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Pantone Colors for 2016

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Short-sleeve Swing Tee

Short-sleeve Swing Tee

Pantone has just released their color predictions for the year 2016, and wait for the drum roll; it’s not one, but two exquisite colors! For the first time, Pantone introduces two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors for the year 2016. Read on to find out what’s special about them…

According to Pantone, the choice of these unique colors has some psychological reasons; there is a growing need for people to detox from all the stress and the restlessness these days, and the soothing effect of these colors demonstrate an inner essence of peace, tranquility, and reflect wellness, and a sense of order. Pantone hopes that these colors will serve as an antidote to the psychological doubts and challenges faced today.

The choice of these colors is also a path-breaking move that aims to change all traditional perceptions and beliefs associated with Pantone colors. Originally regarded as a color company predicting future fashion colors for women, this year’s choice breaks all gender barriers. Although soft and soothing, these colors have a predominant presence in the modern male’s wardrobe too!

And, what’s more? The fusion of these two colors, representing a warm rose tone and a cool tranquil blue, symbolizes peace, happiness and a general sense of wellbeing!

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