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How to Wear Summer Sleeves

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Embroidered Cocoon Dress

Embroidered Cocoon Dress

If you’re wondering what are summer sleeves, it’s a common term used by trendsetters these days while referring to summer outfits with sleeves on them! If you’re thinking ‘why summer sleeves, when you can simply chuck them off altogether and go with a comfortable tank top’, you might have to consider those special occasions or events when you need a little more coverage than a tank top could offer. Fret not! Here are some interesting ways to wear sleeves in summer without sweating…

  1. Wear flutter sleeves! They will never be as constricting as regular sleeves; they offer great style and, are roomy and breezy – all of which make them perfect for the season.
  2. Wear outfits with eyelet, lace or sheer sleeves that offer just about enough coverage to keep things sophisticated, while their unique texture keeps it airy and comfortable for you to venture out in the sun without worrying about sweaty arms.
  3. In the beginning of the article, we did mention about sleeves offering coverage but if at all you feeling particularly bold and want to rebel, try out off-shoulder tops and dresses with sleeves! They could be like the sultry, sexy alternatives to regular sleeves!

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April 27th, 2016

Prince: An Enigma in Fashion

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Lace-yoke Swing Top

Lace-yoke Swing Top

Legendary musician and widely regarded as the pioneer of Minneapolis sound, Prince has passed away. While the people of his hometown take to the streets in huge numbers to celebrate the life and music of this great singer, here’s us paying him a tribute with fashion. While many people regard the singer iconic for his legendary and ground-breaking music, few knew that he was a staunch vegetarian who vehemently opposed the cruelty in wool production. Let’s take a look at some the iconic outfits sported by this no-fur, no-wool enthusiast who carved a niche for himself in both worlds, music and fashion.

As long as we’re talking about Prince and his fashion, the technicolor two-piece suit sported by the singer on-stage back in 1985 during the release and promotion of his album Around the World in a Day, has to be his very best! The multi-color purple-based number featured swirls of raspberry and purple, and made his name synonymous with the color! The same year, he sported a two-piece suit entirely made out of white lace during a performance in California that had the fashion crowd going crazy over the Victorian era-inspired suit complete with a high collar, metallic buttons and puff-trim cuffs.

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April 22nd, 2016

The Art of Looking Stylish

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Striped Linen-blend Romper

Striped Linen-blend Romper

If you’re actually wondering, then yes, looking stylish is truly an art! It’s not something you stumble into one day and voila, you go out looking stylish. Putting together a great outfit, looking stylish and getting ready for the day ahead takes a lot of work. While there are plenty of advice out there regarding style and looks, little do people talk about shopping – after all having the right kind of clothes is the key to looking stylish, right?

First things first, try to avoid binge shopping; And, yes there is such a thing as binge shopping! It’s when you go out on a whim and buy things without a proper plan, list or structure. Try to make a list every time you go shopping, and stick to that list like it’s a code. If at all you find a piece that’s not on the list, you can always make the exception but you’ve got to come up with at least 3 ways you can use the said item into your existing wardrobe.

Then, pay attention to the fit, function and fabric of the piece you’re shopping! Ensure that the clothes you choose fit you like it’s supposed to fit! Also, ensure that whatever you’re buying is functional and has a key role to play in your wardrobe. There is no point in investing a piece that only might occasionally see the light of the day. And finally, pay attention to the fabric. Not all fabrics are great on all figures; likewise, you also need to shop according to the season!

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April 21st, 2016

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

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V-neck Midi Dress

V-neck Midi Dress

What makes a great spring wedding guest outfit? Lots of colors? Lots of fabric? Or, is it just plain and simple solids that make a great spring wedding outfit? To know more about the right kind of dress you can wear to a spring wedding, scroll through and read this write-up…

  1. While we’re all in agreement that a spring wedding dress can have a lot of colors, it’s imperative that you take the non-populated route with a solid but colorful dress. Forget the prints; everyone is into them; add some chic style to your wedding outfit with a solid midi in nice colors teamed with a set of nude pumps!
  2. A beach-themed, less formal wedding invite calls for a toned-down approach to the wedding guest dress code. Switch over to a simple dress with flutter sleeves – not only will your look be different and interesting, it will also get a lot of positive reviews with everyone else sticking with the classic styles.
  3. While we’re taking about spring and wedding guest outfit in the same sentence, how can we resist mentioning the jumpsuit? It’s everyone’s favorite at the moment and the single piece of clothing that flatters all types of figures without exception. Don a solid hued one with matching high heels or pick a two-toned one and team it with nude pumps!

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April 19th, 2016

Live Life Fashionably Large

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High-waisted Soft Linen Shorts

High-waisted Soft Linen Shorts

Who doesn’t want to live the ‘large’ life? A huge mansion, sprawling acres of green land, bright, flashy cars and a great expensive wardrobe! But living life ‘large’ doesn’t always have to come at a big price, at least not when you choose to live ‘fashionably large’! Here’s how you can do it…

  1. Stick to an all-basic wardrobe! A simple white button-front shirt is a great piece regardless of the price tag it carries or its brand name! Same goes for a great leather handbag, a nice black blazer and a pair of navy pants! While it’s true that quality trumps quantity, basics trump over latest fashion on any given day!
  2. Use designer pieces but wear them the way they’d get noticed and appreciated! For instance, a great designer bag is lot more likely to get noticed than a shirt or a pair of pants that has an equally expensive price tag! Grab designer shoes, accessories, scarves and jewels from big brands and use them with your regular pieces to get some cool style points!
  3. As a rule, always pay attention to the fit! The difference between a great outfit and an average one is the fit! It’s basically the only secret that makes celebrity outfits seem so appealing!

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April 18th, 2016

How to Instantly Stylize your Outfits

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Open-front Moto Fleece Jacket

Open-front Moto Fleece Jacket

Who doesn’t want to look like a million bucks, always? But the key to looking stylish is not all about owing a carefully curated wardrobe filled with expensive coats and dresses, mastering the best styling techniques, or having an innate knowledge of all the latest styles and trends. Looking good is as simple as putting together something that works, and having the confidence to pull it off. But just to help you out, here are a few simple tricks that can instantly stylize your outfits…

  • Add a leather or faux-leather moto jacket! Whether you’re wearing a formal-ish outfit or something casual like a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, adding a moto jacket instantly adds style! Plus, extra points if you drape your jacket around your shoulders like a cape and not wear it like a jacket!
  • Play with opposites! It’s a risky move, nevertheless, it’s a style risk that pays you back multi-fold. Play with opposites such as soft palettes with bright separates, big accessories for a short dress and vice versa, fit and proportions of your top and bottom pieces.
  • Wear plenty of layers! It gives you the opportunity to create some style unique for yourself, at the same time, gives you the chance to stay one step ahead of the others.
  • Learn to do the semi-tuck like a pro! You know how celebrities play with their tee shirts by partially tucking them in while not really tucked them in all the way? Well, that’s apparently a winning look!
  • Learn the kind of sunglasses that suit your face and exploit it! Wear a pair with all your looks!

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April 16th, 2016

Shady Deals!

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Classic Aviator-style Sunglasses

Classic Aviator-style Sunglasses

Can’t wait to get out and soak in some sun? Spring is all about freshness and warmth, and is probably the best time to have unlimited fun outdoors, but the best part about spring is the high sense of fashion associated with it. While we spend loads of money and time updating our wardrobe, we often forget to pay attention to one of the most important fashion elements that is more than just an accessory. Sunglasses – they are equally a fashion statement as they are a necessity!

More often than not, the right pair of shades can really make or break your look; precisely the reason why you need to consider the shape of your face while investing in a pair. So, read on to find out which category you fall under and which shape of sunglasses suit you…

If you have a heart shaped face like that of Zoe Saldana and Reese Witherspoon, aviators are your best bet. Aviators complement your wide cheek-bones and sharp chin. People blessed with an oval face can pick any style to complement their look, though cat-eye and geometric shapes look great. Circular and cat-eye frames suit square faces by cutting the sharpness and adding soft curves to the face. The curves of the round face can be well balanced with rectangular and over-sized square frames.

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April 15th, 2016

Inspiring Ways to Wear Pastel Hues

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Crocheted Fringe Open Vest

Crocheted Fringe Open Vest

It’s been officially spring for a couple of weeks now, and we’re so sold on wearing a whole bunch of spring colors that we cannot wait for the sun to warm up a bit. But, that seems to a long wait, coz every time we step out, it’s still seems a bit cold for those maxis and pretty dresses. So, what’s a gal got to do? Wear spring pastels in inspiring ways, of course!

Come to think of it, it can prove to be a successful transitional trend: wearing spring colors in winter textures – the perfect solution for those days when it’s neither too hot not too cold. Check out these inspiring ways to wear pastel hues…

1. Powder-blue power suits or pants teamed with neutral colored coats like camel, black or navy are a great way to stay warm at work, albeit fashionably!

2. Long coats in pastel shades, open-front cardigans and duster coats are an impeccable fashion choice that takes a lot of guts to pull off. Rock them this spring with loads of style and a boatload of confidence!

3. Don’t want to work with pastel colored outfits?Pick accessories like a pair of pumps, a scarf or a clutch in soft pink, dusty brown, minty green and blues and bubblegum shades.

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April 14th, 2016

Sparkly Splendors from the Red Carpets

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V-Neck Chambray Jumpsuit

V-Neck Chambray Jumpsuit

Who said spring is just about colors, colors and then some more colors? One look at the recent red carpet happenings and you’d agree that colors are great, but when it comes to making a splash, nothing does it quite like sparkles!

Spotted at the Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds 25thAnniversary celebration in New York, Eva Longoria was all silvery sparkles clad in a strapless sequined tea-length dress and nude pom-pom high heels! Nude lips, pulled back hair and soft eye shadow completed her red-carpet ensemble.

LupitaNyong’o is the poster child for everything glitter and glamor, for there is not a single shade of glitter that she cannot pull off. During the Jungle Book world premiere, the star was seen in a lime-green tee shirt and a ribbon-slit, sequined, shimmering gold skirt teamed with matching gold sandals.

Taylor Swift was seen at the iHeartRadioMusci Awards clad in a cat-suit: a shimmering black sequined jumpsuit with a black belt and matching peep toes. She kept the rest of her look simple and un-fussy to highlight her attention-grabbing jumpsuit!

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April 10th, 2016

How to Go from Corporate to Cocktail Hours

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Faux-Leather Wristlet

Faux-Leather Wristlet

Clocking in two-digit or three-digit work hours every week is a tough job indeed! Finding time to switch your clothes to suit the party scene post your 9-to-5 shifts can be a tough job! Don’t panic just yet! With a simple swab of lipstick or a change of outerwear, you can make the transformation painless. Scroll through for some tips…

1. Always, always carry a case of dark red lipstick with you and swipe it on when you need to tune in on that seductive mode!

2. Buy lots of lace pencil skirts! They are always in fashion, never go out of style with changing seasons, and you can effortlessly play with one to create that flirty and feminine party look.

3. Try to infuse lots of colored heels into your wardrobe. Although it can feel like a task, in time you’ll get used to it; in no time, you’ll be looking forward to wear heels on a regular basis; not to mention, it provides a great confidence boost! Heels are, by far, the best party picks of any season and with you wearing a pair all the time, you’ll always be ready for that party.

4. Blingy party clutches are a great way to spruce up any office look upto cocktail hour standards. Just keep one in your bag; leave the bag in your car and carry the clutch for a post-office party!

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April 7th, 2016