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Organization Hacks for a Smart Closet!

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Striped Suspended-neck Cami

Striped Suspended-neck Cami

Ever wonder why everything in your closet is falling off the racks or hangers? Why you’re constantly in a need to purge for things that you already have? Probably because you need better organizing! You see arranging your closet isn’t just about ensuring that you put things away from the floor and into your compact closet. Properly organizing clothes, accessories, shoes et al is about putting order back into things; having a place for everything and everything in its place. So, here are a few organization hacks to keep your closet smart, organized and always accessible. Follow these steps and you never again have to hunt for that pretty green top you’ve been saving away but could not find in the last minute! Read on…

  1. Invest in a set of good hangers. While plastic hangars are great as a thrifty storage solution, try to invest in some wooden ones (if you have the space) or go for fabric padded hangers that can give your clothes more life.
  2. Classify things as ‘to hang’ and ‘to fold’ and then proceed to put them in their rightful place. Knitwear and soft stretchy fabrics last longer and offer durability if they’re folded and stacked, while tailored or heavy fabrics are best hung from hangers.
  3. Group your clothes together: keep all pants together and likewise keep all shirts together; ditto for blouses, sweaters and skirts. Once all your clothes are in an appropriate order, it makes getting ready easy and effortless and you don’t have to hunt for your favorites anymore.
  4. Finally, be sure to keep a laundry basket in the bottom-most shelf of your closet (or, if you can afford the floor space in your walk-in closet). This is very important, as the bag can collect all your dirty clothes and keep them in one place. This makes laundry day easy and you know when you need to book your date for the cleaners.

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