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Not a Button Less, Not a Button More!

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Classic Stripes Shirt

Classic Stripes Shirt

For the perfectionist, the minutest of details do matter and if you do happen to be particular when it comes to your dress shirts, it’s going to pay well for you! After all, fashion is an art that requires perfection and creativity and the more opinionated you are about your buttons, the better.

Did you know that these tiny clasps are material enough for a heated sartorial debate and there are deeper intricacies to the art of buttons than it appears? Here’s a little know-how on these vital gems on just what it’ll take for you to be in the style reckoning –

  1. It is a mother-of-pearl (MOP) vs. plastic battle out there when it comes to your button material. Smooth, elegant buttons made from mollusk shells have a distinctive feel and texture and comes out trumps in the looks department while plastic buttons offer more variety and styles.
  2. The number 7 is indeed the lucky figure when it comes to the number of buttons that are most widely accepted on your shirt!
  3. Take a look at the way your button is fastened. There shouldn’t be too much slack between the button and the front of the shirt. By pinching the fabric the button is attached to, you can tell how firmly a button is sewn on. When moving the button in a small circular motion, the thread will remain tightly secured around the button holes in the case of high-quality shirts.

It’s a simple case of button-speak with the variety of dress shirts on offer at Old Navy! Shop for a couple of them today in bright stripes and classic stripes, along with dapper jeans to go along with them!

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