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Slub-knit Tee

Slub-knit Tee

Wanna learn a secret? Stripes are the new neutrals! There’s not a thing that cannot be liked about stripes. They are classic, professional but also sporty at the same time, they are elegant, timeless and have an earthy quality about them. And, unlike other seasonal favorites that loose out their charm once the season is over, stripes rarely loose their status with changing seasons. While there are many varieties of stripes available, the simplest and most promising ones are nautical stripes. Here, check out these options…

For beginners, you could get fired up on stripes with a perfectly office-appropriate striped tee shirt. Choose a fitting silhouette and opt for basic colors, like black and white or gray and white stripes to keep things strictly formal.

If you’re little bit experimental but not enough to risk your fashion credibility, you could get stripes in bold colors and create a mix and match effect with other prints and textures. Don’t like bright colors? Here’s another option: pick tops that have stripes in mixed proportions with solid colors. This will add substance and personality to your entire look! Just trust us on this one!

Another way is choose striped tops with loose-fitting or boxy silhouettes! Being boxy in nature, these tops will add a boyish element to your outlook and will give you multiple styling options.

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