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Myths about the Capsule Wardrobe

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Printed Flutter-sleeve Top

Our ever-growing obsession with minimalism, combined with a lack of time to sort through gazillion pieces of clothing in the morning, and the lack of a large closet space to store all your treasures has contributed to the rise of the capsule wardrobe. Just say the name out loud, and you’re bound to scorned down by fashion’s elite for wearing only blacks or grays; but is this all there is to a capsule wardrobe? Say, you want to adopt this trend; do you have to give up your love for colors? In today’s write-up, we’re here to explore some common myths associated with the capsule wardrobe; myths that need to be broken, now!

A capsule wardrobe does not exclude colors, prints or patters! It just takes a little understanding of the color palette and the nature of color-play that goes into putting together outfits! Simple knowledge that burgundy goes with jewel tones, and gray goes with all bright colors will help you build a functional capsule wardrobe that will not only save closet space but will also keep you looking your fashionable best at all times!

Having a capsule wardrobe does not mean giving up on the latest trends! You can wear new trends and styles even if you have a capsule wardrobe! But stick to a number; set a tab, beyond which you will not add more pieces. This will not only stop you from making impulse buys but also save you from wardrobe remorse!

Just because you have a capsule wardrobe does not mean you cannot have one-hit wonders! You can still own dresses and other pieces that only work one way; but keep the number in moderation!

Now that you’ve successfully broken some age-old myths about owning capsule wardrobe, it’s time to make your own rules and add them to this list. To shop for your capsule wardrobe, check out the collection at Old Navy; shop today, January 31, 2016, and bag a cool 10% off your purchase using the Old Navy coupon code JACKPOT at checkout. Hurry!

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