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Much Popularized Little Black Dress Now with Old Navy’s Unique Discount!

Little Black DressWith its origin dating back up to the 1920’s, the little black dress first designed by Coco Chanel saw instant recognition right from its inception. Made for the basic purpose of being durable and easily accessible to the larger audience of the 20th century society, a little black dress is well known for its versatility and immediate flexibility of style.

Meant for any occasion, be it an evening party, a wedding reception or even for Sunday service, an LBD is considered a wardrobe necessity amongst every women. With most fashionistas insisting on making it an essential wardrobe staple, the LBD has by far been one of the most famous pieces of apparel in the fashion world!

Talking about its popularity, the first little black dress that saw instant appreciation was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the 1960’s. Designed by Givenchy, a typical LBD got its standards after it was introduced by the Hollywood legend who wore it along with white pearls, giving the dress its present day status.

The little black dress is undoubtedly one of the most famed dresses of all time, so get one for yourself right away! And with Old Navy offering a wide range of LBD’s with its unique offer, where you can earn $10 for every $25 spent, there is nothing more you can ask for. Hurry up this offer is valid from September 25, 2013 until October 16, 2013. Enjoy shopping with Old Navy online coupons!