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Master of Stripes: Missoni!

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Women's Linen-Blend Tube Rompers

Women’s Linen-Blend Tube Rompers

The Missoni label, started by the Italian Olympic hurdler Ottavio Missoni and his wife Rosita, was one of the earliest brands to experiment with futuristic stripes and patterns and created a knitwear revolution, back in the 70’s. Highly inspired by the early avant-garde art of the 20th century, the Italian label established a link between sporty and chic, with their sophisticated, timeless and seasonless designs!

At a time when the rest of World focused on minimalism, the label used vibrant colors and patterns that proved to be refreshing. But like any other brand, the Missoni label also had to face many hurdles in their initial days regarding the flamboyant and sheer nature of their knits. They had to field questions regarding the possibility of basing a label, on just colors and stripes! But the answer to the question came from Missoni himself, who compared colors to music and said: just as music has seven notes but innumerable melodies, art too can have infinite possibilities with just seven colors.

Season after season, Missoni’s brand continued to create euphoric designs and patterns that proved his words true. And, even today, Missoni and his brand are famous for their stripes, designs and breathtaking outfits!

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