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Looking Sharp

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Men's Slim-Fit Patterned Flannel Shirts

Men’s Slim-Fit Patterned Flannel Shirts

Be it a job interview, a business meeting or a date, you have to look sharp to make an impression. Gone are the days when men used to look like every other Tom, Dick and Harry; everyone’s tuning up their styles in order to add a unique touch to their outfit.

Suits are a great way to look stylish and confident, they also offer a ton of options to alter your look and we are gonna show you how. Yes, a classic gray suit with a solid black dress shirt can give you an ultra-professional look, but we are not going to do that. Instead, we are going to mix things up a bit and create our own thing.

Generally, the focus of a suit is on the blazer and pants; a solid dress shirt is usually shadowed by the blazer, so we recommend you to try brightly colored plaid shirts with your suit. The shirt does not necessarily have to be a formal wear; a casual plaid shirt with a buttoned-down blazer will give you a laid back look.

Try a gray checkered shirt with gray suit and a black tie for an urban look, unbutton the blazer and lose the tie for a casual setting.

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