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Living the Plus-size Life!

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Jersey Striped Wrap Dress

Jersey Striped Wrap Dress

Who doesn’t like to live large? But if you’re a plus-size beauty, life is anything but living large! Finding clothes that fit you can be nothing short of a nightmare straight out of a horror movie! And, just when you find a brand that fits, they either stop making clothes in that size or the new collection doesn’t fit you the same way as the old ones did! And, just when you’re about to curse yourself for not learning to buy 20 dresses from the brand once you found a dress that fit you, stop! Just stop! Breathe and learn to enjoy your curves!

There’s been a fashion revolution going on everywhere; and no, we’re not talking about plus-size models taking to the runways! No, that’s a great thing too, but this one is about the designers who’ve made a resolution to design outfits that aren’t super-skinny – outfits that are aimed at dressing normal-sized women. So, if you’ve been asking yourself the question, why curvy girls can’t follow the same fashion trends as their straight-laced counterparts, the answer is here and now! You can wear all those trends and styles designed for skinny models, just be sure to pick them up in your size!

Just remember style is not a size, it’s an attitude!

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