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Learn What Your Favorite Color Means with Old Navy’s 20% Off!

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colorful jeansColors may be of a very little importance in our lives, but in reality, colors are the windows to represent us and our emotions to the society. Every color has a meaning to it, and gives a vivid impression of human feelings, expressed in the most natural of ways.

Take a look at what you represent every time you choose a color; here is a list of what each color symbolizes, and how you can relate to them!

Red: Every time you choose to buy red, consider yourself to be representing energy, passion and excitement. Red as a color symbolizes desire, and strength and makes its bearer look energized and prepped up with life.

Pink: It’s a perfect color for those who wish to symbolize love and romance. Known as a women’s color, pink is often associated with tenderness, acceptance and calm. Emitting warmth and gentleness, pink represents the soft nature in you.

Yellow: Very obvious in its significance of happiness and joy, yellow promotes your fun and perky side. While it is considered a sign of brightness and sunshine, just like the two, yellow denotes vivid optimism and hope amidst its wearer.

Blue: While the sky is blue and so is the sea, this color signifies peace and tranquility.  Symbolized by many as a color that promotes harmony and loyalty, blue is considered to be the most dominant of all the colors.

Green: It represents nature as a whole, while also symbolizing health and fertility. Green as a color covers half our planet, in the form of trees and leaves, and so is it considered a color of renewal and youth.

Purple: Noble of them all, purple as a color denotes royalty, wisdom and enlightenment. Wear purple and you are sure to feel regal. Besides which, purple also signifies femininity, grace and elegance!

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