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Lazy Girl Fashion Hacks

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Perfect V-neck Tee

Perfect V-neck Tee

Everyone needs the lazy girl’s guide book to attain the ultimate fashion icon status – without putting in too much effort, without having to shop for an entire closet on a budget and, without having to spend long hours in the morning putting together that outfit! Here’s a simple guide that might be helpful…

  1. You can practically double the size of your wardrobe if you just know how to wear pieces differently! Simple tricks like layering a collared button-down shirt with a solid sheath, wearing a metallic vest with your blouses and the like can greatly improve  the size of your closet while giving you plenty of styling options!
  2. Whether you’re feeling a little blue or wearing a monotone outfit and not sure how to infuse some color into it, just swipe on a bright red lipstick. It always works!
  3. Wearing a boring outfit or a piece that’s had one too many days out in the sun and is just looking for quite days backstage? Why not give it just that with a stylish pair of sunglasses? You don’t have to own a dozen pairs to liven up your look, just own one or two pairs of statement-making sunglasses and let them take the spotlight! Sunglasses work with all outfits and are a great way to step up your style ante!
  4. This is winter, so you can wear over-the-knee boots with pretty much anything! Wear them with your office-wear pencil skirts and blouses, dresses and skinny-fit work pants! They are typically sexy and instantly elevate your status too!
  5. Learn a few fashion girl tricks! Subtle things like rolling up the hem of your short-sleeve stripes tee shirt or wearing a lace-hem tee shirt while layering with a boxy sweater can go a long way in making your look stand up to street-standards!

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