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It’s All About the Fit!

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Chunky-knit Turtleneck Sweaters

Chunky-knit Turtleneck Sweaters

Most of us are easily inspired by celebrity styles and moon over it for days. You probably have a collection of celebrity style photos locked away in a folder in your computer, so you can look them up before your next shopping trip. But it does not take long for you to realize that reality does not quite live up to the fascination and the exact style that did wonders for a celebrity might just look too floppy on you. Ever wondered why? You probably did, but here’s the solution…

You see, most of the celebrity styles look super fabulous because they have been altered to look good. Did you know that celebrities have their tee shirts and tank tops custom-made to fit them perfectly?

Let’s take a simple example; a gray flounce skirt with a black sweater and a pair of knee-high stiletto boots in gray. It’s a classy and subtly stylish outfit, but only if your get the fitment right. If you substitute the fitting black sweater with a drapey one, then you might have got the color right, but without the right fit, it might look totally shapeless and disproportionate. Add to that a pair of stiletto boots in gray – a big fashion disaster in the making.

Instead, by just choosing a sweater with the right fit you can artfully balance the curve of your waist with the flounce of the skirt and pull-off a look that’s more balanced in terms of style and curves.

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