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It’s A DC World Out There!

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Batman tee

Batman tee

Comic book aficionados are a breed you wouldn’t want to mess with, considering their die-hard allegiance to the cult of their favorite characters. Hollywood studios have cashed onto the comic craze, taking care to build their alternative universes filled with superhero origin movies along with great ensemble bonanzas.

They do make for great popcorn entertainment. Last spring, the stage was set for Marvel superheroes to join forces for their “Avengers” special. Well, you wouldn’t reckon DC comics to stay low, do you? Pitting two of the most iconic graphic representations of all things good, a Batman Vs Superman movie is on the cinema horizon with stunning casting announcements being made in the previous few weeks, to bring the hype up to a new, exciting level.

A graphic tee does the trick for those comic book conventions , where it’s all about being a part of the crowd –  the crowd in question  being the super-thrilled fan base who swear by  Messrs. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.

There is something so adorably geeky and stylishly unique about these vintage style superhero tees that will keep finding favor with the fashion public as long as there are graphic novels. These tees bedecked in the trademark blue-yellow-red colors of Superman and the black-yellow- grey combo of Batman retains the artistic core of their co-existing universes and is an ideal wear for all occasions casual. It goes well with denims, shorts and the likes of anything that merits a nice, laidback atmosphere.

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