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Innovate your Style!

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Classic Plaid Flannel Shirt

Classic Plaid Flannel Shirt

So, you have a whole bunch of outfits and dresses that are super good, fashionable, stylish and even look great after all that wear and tear, but the problem is you’ve worn them for so long and you’re bored! Well, there are many terms to describe the situation but only a few ways to make dressing up fun for you once again. Here, we’ve managed to explore a few ideas that may help…

  1. Try to accessorize differently! Say you have a perfectly curated little black dress you’ve worn a million times and in a million ways; to style it differently, wear it with neon pumps or a boho jacket! It’s a given that neons are not currently in fashion, but you will surely be lauded for your crafty styling sense!
  2. Set aside a part of your closet that gives you nostalgia! Just pack them away carefully and put them out of sight! By voluntarily limiting your closet size, you’ve reduced your options! This is an impromptu way to trigger your style sense into creating new outfit combinations! Also, once you retrieve your old clothes from storage, you will look at them with fresh eyes and you’re sure to have some really novel ways to style them!
  3. Identify your style icon! Say you always dress up very posh and chic and idolize Kate Middleton. How about switching things and going a bit Rihanna? The stars have polar opposite sense of style and simply by switching your style crush from one star to another, you will learn to appreciate a new style of dressing and maybe even, discover a new you!

These are just a few ideas to innovate your style with an existing wardrobe! For more shopping tips and style ideas, stay tuned! In the meantime, shop at Old Navy and save a whopping 30% on your purchase with Old Navy online coupons. Just use the Old Navy coupon code AUTUMN at checkout and avail this incredible offer. Hurry, this offer expires tonight, November 3, 2015.