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‘In Love’ with Leggings!

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Patterned Leggings

Patterned Leggings

Warm, stretchy and comfortable, leggings are a girl’s best friend in winter! But it comes with a catch! You cannot wear a pair of leggings as pants! Tempting as the thought may be, do not entertain it under any circumstances! This hailed as one of the biggest fashion fails of the decade, and even if you have skinny legs, it’s best to avoid wearing leggings as pants! But don’t let this deter you; here are a few combinations for leggings that would make them your most grabbed-for item in your closet. Take a look…

Wearing leggings with a slouchy sweater is so old-school! Upgrade your style with a pair of leggings and a high-low hem tank top! Layer with lots of pieces such as a plaid shirt, a knit sweater and even a long coat; wear a pair of booties and your street style is complete!

While leggings in general are great for shaping up your legs and giving them a toned appearance; but high-top leggings serve dual purpose as tummy tuckers – they can help you reduce your waistline by a couple of inches! Isn’t that reason-enough to grab your favorite party dress and amp it up with a solid pair of leggings?

Bold, and you got the best beach legs to show for it? Wear a pair of printed leggings and team them with a solid sweater that’s long enough to reach down to your mid thighs. Accessorize with a bib necklace and boots and you’re all ready to go to an art show!

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