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How to Work with a Sleeveless Jacket!

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Frost Free Fleece-lined Vest

Frost Free Fleece-lined Vest

Celebrity-inspired street style is rife with many popular trends and styles; but this season we noticed one common, albeit popular, trend among the stars; that is wearing a sleeveless jacket with their outfits! Personally, you might be tempted to think that sleeveless jackets are kind of contradictory to the point! After all, jackets are supposed to provide you warmth and comfort, so when you wear a sleeveless jacket and leave your arms exposed to the elements, it kind of beats the purpose of wearing a jacket, right? But, wait before you get to the conclusion! Or better yet, just read through this blog for some cool ideas before you make up your mind about this enviable fashion accessory!

  1. Sleeveless jacket is like the new age fashion accessory and literally, they cannot be compared to anything else. Also, imagine walking down the street wearing a super cool sleeveless jacket, we bet you could almost feel being the center of attention!
  2. Sleeveless jackets work well with pretty much anything; formal or casual clothing, work or sport; with a cute jacket in your closet, you could always say, ‘bring it on!’
  3. If you do feel the pinch of cold, why not slip a full sleeve sweater under your jacket that can keep you warm and still give you tons of style points!
  4. You can team your sleeveless jacket with a full-sleeve top in the same shade as your jacket but a different material, so you can create this mis-matched fabric jacket look!

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