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How to Wear the All-white Look!

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Relaxed Scoop-neck Tee

Relaxed Scoop-neck Tee

We’ve seen models and actresses don it on the cover of glitzy magazines and in the movies! We’ve also seen ladies of royal ranks flaunt their all-white looks as though it was nothing at all! So, what’s the secret behind the all-white look! Let’s examine the key elements of the look and do a fun analysis…

One of the key elements about wearing an all-white is to keep the white garments spotlessly clean! We’d like to offer a suggestion here and say that you need to wear the all-white outfits now, ‘cos, once winter sets in, keeping your whites clean is going to be a tricky thing with all that slurry!

Next, you need to decide on the kind of look you’re going for: classic, elegant and sophisticated or rock chic, bold and daring! For the latter, wear your whites, regardless of whether it’s a white dress, a romper, a jumpsuit or a mini, with black lace-up high heels and a black leather jacket! Leather is the best option when you want to set in that rebellious look and a black leather jacket simply seals the deal!

For the former, that is all sophisticated and charming, you need to wear a pair of interesting shoes! Doesn’t matter if you’ve picked a beautiful white gown or an all-white pant-suit, a pair of interesting shoes is what gives you that clean and airy feel! Say a pair of leopard printed shoes or a black and white zebra printed laced heels; both these shoes can break that one-note kind-a feel of the white dress!

As for make-up and accessories, keep things minimal, go with a free hairstyle and if need be, you can use a pair of tiny pearl danglers!

Try out the all-white look now, before you get surrounded by snow!

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