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How to Wear a Bright Blue Skirt in Summer!

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Calf-length Pencil Skirt

Calf-length Pencil Skirt

Since summer fashion is all about bright and beautiful colors, let’s take the chance to welcome back all the gorgeous colors that we’ve shunned away for so long. Bright hues like orange, red, purple, yellow and green are known to everyone, but there are certain shades of blue, especially the bright blue that’s a little bit difficult to pull off! It’s so pristine that people tend to shy away from it! But you shouldn’t; for we’re here to give you some tips to work this beautiful color as a functional pencil skirt into your work wardrobe! Take a look…

A bright blue pencil skirt can be easily worked with for a casual Friday look by teaming it with a denim shirt. A fitting well-cut denim shirt with long sleeves and lapel shoulders will add structure to your persona; just finish off with a broad leather belt featuring a quirky buckle and a pair of classic black pumps.

Another way to make this strong color work in the office scene is to pair with an equally strong but adorable print – the leopard print! This intrinsic animal print is loud, bold and going strong with every season. Pairing it with a bright blue skirt will make a stunning style statement; add classic pumps to the equation and get ready to rock!

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