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How to Pick your Summer Button-down!

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Patterned Oxford Shirt

Patterned Oxford Shirt

Button-down shirts are the perfect options to add some variety to your summer closet. Apart from breaking the monotony of summer staples, a classic button-down shirt allows you to be casual without any effort, complements most of wardrobe staples and also lets you create your own signature style without pinching your pocket. Another advantage of using a button-down shirt in summer is that you can wear them with creases and still look fashionable. But despite its many advantages, choosing a button-down shirt is not that simple, you have to be really careful. Here are a few tips to look out for when shopping for one…

  1. Since it’s summer, you would want to avoid the button-up look; so how do you do that with a button-down shirt without the formal up-do? Pick a shirt that’s loose fitting! A simple solution to a really complex problem, indeed! With weather being naturally hot and everything, you can easily get away with your loose-fitting shirt! Plus, any extra creases and crumples that you might encounter can work in your favor and add some cute fashion points!
  2. Choose a button-down shirt with a not-so-classic cut. Opt for short shirts that fall just at your hip; this way you can leave them tucked out and earn some casual style points!
  3. Pick a shirt in cotton; while other materials are really nice to look at, you might want to stick to a 100% cotton shirt, at least for the sake of the weather.

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