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How to Instantly Stylize your Outfits

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Open-front Moto Fleece Jacket

Open-front Moto Fleece Jacket

Who doesn’t want to look like a million bucks, always? But the key to looking stylish is not all about owing a carefully curated wardrobe filled with expensive coats and dresses, mastering the best styling techniques, or having an innate knowledge of all the latest styles and trends. Looking good is as simple as putting together something that works, and having the confidence to pull it off. But just to help you out, here are a few simple tricks that can instantly stylize your outfits…

  • Add a leather or faux-leather moto jacket! Whether you’re wearing a formal-ish outfit or something casual like a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, adding a moto jacket instantly adds style! Plus, extra points if you drape your jacket around your shoulders like a cape and not wear it like a jacket!
  • Play with opposites! It’s a risky move, nevertheless, it’s a style risk that pays you back multi-fold. Play with opposites such as soft palettes with bright separates, big accessories for a short dress and vice versa, fit and proportions of your top and bottom pieces.
  • Wear plenty of layers! It gives you the opportunity to create some style unique for yourself, at the same time, gives you the chance to stay one step ahead of the others.
  • Learn to do the semi-tuck like a pro! You know how celebrities play with their tee shirts by partially tucking them in while not really tucked them in all the way? Well, that’s apparently a winning look!
  • Learn the kind of sunglasses that suit your face and exploit it! Wear a pair with all your looks!

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