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How to: Glitter-up your Plain Flat Shoes!

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Flat ShoesGlittery shoes are one of the most favored styles for their luxurious look, but it comes as a hard hit considering the pricey they come with. What if you get your favorite glittery shoes for absolutely low price? Wouldn’t you be thrilled to take the offer? Yes, you can actually turn a pair of plain flat shoes into glittery ones within no time- all you need is a little time for craft work. Keep reading to know the do-it-yourself steps!!


Grab a pair of plain flat shoes – don’t get timid when it comes to experimenting with colors, both light and dark shades can be great!


Put mod podge and a lot of glitter in a waste plate and gently mix them with a foam brush.

Step 3:

Make sure your shoes are clean, wipe the shoes with a dry cloth before applying the mixture. Now gently give a coat on all sides of the shoes without leaving any space.


Follow the same procedure for both the shoes and leave them to dry. For a better result, apply 3 to 4 coats and allow them to dry after each coat.


Mod podge will take about 25 minutes to dry, so plan things accordingly. Once they are dry, wipe them again to remove the unstuck ones.

Now, you have a set of dazzling glittery flat shoes – all in less than an hour. To complement and to keep in line with the shoes, paint your nails with some glittery nail color.

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