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How to Get Out of a Style Rut!

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Open-front Cocoon Cardigan

Open-front Cocoon Cardigan

To understand and delve deeper into the science behind a style rut, we need to understand the basics first! A style rut is simply the repeating your clothes in the same manner and style again and again. Owing to our inclination to comfort and convenience, everyone tends to fall into a style rut at some point or other in their life. Here are some ways you can get out of your style rut…

  1. Shop smart! This is the first step is to avoid a style rut! If you find yourself drawn towards the same kind of clothing over and over again, stop; pull yourself together and explore new styles and trends! Now, might be a good time to take on all those trends that you’ve been avoiding in your 20’s!
  2. Make a resolve to never pair the same pieces together! We all love games; so make a fun game out of getting dressed for work! Team unlikely pieces together, or go mix and match and team mixed prints together! Do something different with your clothes each day and congratulate yourself for a job well done at the end of the day!
  3. Another trick is to swap or borrow clothes from friends or relatives! This is a no-expense method of sprucing up your wardrobe and you might even end up with a good steal like a cashmere scarf that your sister or cousin no longer needs!
  4. Another way to add some pizzaz to your outfit is to accessorize like crazy! Remember, nothing adds more charm to your look than a statement necklace; experiment with necklaces, bracelets and even a pair of spectacles to reinvent your look each day!
  5. Don’t like anything in your closet? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us! Steal something from your loungewear and wear it to work! Take it up as a challenge! That silk satin slip-dress that you already have can double-up as a full-length skirt when you team it with a tank top and a matching cardigan; and yes, you get to reveal in the idea of wearing something sexy without anyone knowing about it!

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