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How To: Care For Your Body in Summer!

The sun is glowing brightly in the sky and everyone is trying to make the best out of it- by wearing airy clothes, showing off their tanned skin in vibrant colors and heading to the beach sides for vacation!

That’s not it! The summer fashion and style is also on a fast run and none wants to fall back! You may have already updated your wardrobe with flowy maxi dresses, shorts, skirts and of course the swim suits. Even the colors are well taken care off! And also, there is no falling short on checking on the latest celebrity trends and the designer collections. Every bits and pieces is widely organized from planned BBQ and pool parties to the extended Fridays. But apart from all these good things, summer does come with some flaws so make sure you don’t forget to take care of them -


With summer heat, our body tends to lose lot of fluids! And hence can strip us of our natural moisturizer and cooling properties. So, it’s very necessary that you drink lots of water and keep your body fluids retained!


Though tans work for a sexy look, it also exposes us to the harmful sun rays. A healthy glowing skin becomes sweaty and prone to breakouts. So, always keep your SPF, anti-bacterial wipes and cleansers close!


As much as we love our skin, we also love our healthy and shiny locks! But the heat, humidity and beach bathes can leave them greasy, frizzy and breakable. So don’t be afraid to wash them regularly, and go for a revitalizing treatment after your beach trips!

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