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How to be a True Parisian Chic

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If there’s one thing special about Paris, it would have to be the fashion. Parisian chic is no longer just a word, it’s a status, it’s a look, that’s globally accepted and worshipped! So, how can you look like a Parisian chic? Here’s how…

If you notice Parisians, it may strike you: they never wear too many pieces that contradict one another. If it’s a dress, then it’s just a dress and a plaid shirt or, the dress with a blazer. There are never too many layers that confuse and complicate the look.

The silhouettes of the clothes are simple, characteristic and extremely versatile! A Parisian woman’s dresses are mostly classic and in black – something they can wear all year long, regardless of the season! Winter is marked by a flooding of black long coats over their regular outfits but that’s the end of it! Some would tell you that all Parisian women would rather take the risk of looking alike than giving up on something they love and something that’s classic – one thing the rest of the world has a tough time accepting!

And Parisian women go for one look; if they’re aiming for a classic vibe, they get that and if they’re aiming for a street style, that’s what their clothes reflect. There is no clash of styles or personalities here!

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