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Here’s to Looking Forever-Young!

stylish outfitsIt’s always said that beauty is skin deep. And proving the very point are some of the most beautiful women in the world – the one common thing they possess, a healthy skin!

Keep your skin as beautiful as it is in your 20’s at your 40’s – and here’s how you can keep your 20’ sculpted look intact, forever! Read on…

Say No to Ciggies

Be it an active or passive smoking, the effects of both on your skin is exactly the same – the smoke causes the free radicals in your skin to damage by affecting the microcapillaries, leading to an accelerated aging process.

A Big YES to Veggies

Did you know that soya beans are the key to a wrinkle-free skin? Clinical tests prove that 53 percent of women who used genistein, a natural plant-hormone in soya felt a firmer and younger-looking skin within just a month. And to add to the palette, Brussels sprouts, carrots, squash and shiitake mushrooms are some of the other veggies that are rich in anti-oxidant properties. Munch on!!

Crush Crash Diets

The effects of yo-yo dieting can be adverse, not only do they spoil the overall health; they make the skin lose elasticity by stretching and sagging.

Nature’s Blessing

While the new fad is the high-end cosmetics, little did the world know that it’s the nature that offers the best, the pure and invaluable coconut oil! Coconut oil is known for its ability to keep the skin’s connective tissues strong and supple. Also, its regular application can keep skin from developing liver spots and other blemishes over time, caused by aging!

Start caring for your skin now; it’s never too late for good things in life! Also, keep in mind to dress up chic and young – getting old doesn’t mean you can’t experiment! In case you need help with finding the right outfits, stop by at Old Navy. You’ll find an amazing collection of variety of styles!

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