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Happiness is a Warm Puppy: Fun Facts about Snoopy!

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How much do we know about the Charles M. Schulz’s canine creation, Snoopy? One of the protagonist in the Peanuts comic strip and sometimes more famous than Charlie Brown himself! Read on to find out more-

  • He’s Charlie Brown’s pet beagle and first appeared in the strip on October 4, 1950, which was two days after the strip premiered
  • Snoopy has his own little dance, known as the Suppertime Dance, or sometimes the Happy Snoopy Dance
  • Snoopy has a very imaginative fantasy life and also involves many alter egos, including The World Famous Surgeon, Captain of the Starship Enterprise, The World War I Flying Ace and many more!
  • In 1984, Snoopy and Belle, his sister, inspired many fashion designers around the world, including Karl Lagerfeld, Armani, and de la Renta. Outfits were created in their honor and both the beagles modeled for the “Snoopy in Fashion” exhibition held that year in Japan
  • He is a mascot for the United States Air Force Communications – Computer Systems Control and also official mascot of aerospace safety, testing and also the Apollo Program rebuilding
  • Since the Apollo program, he’s been a spokesbeagle of humor and safety in America’s space program
  • Even today, NASA uses the Silver Snoopy pin as a reward for exceptional work at the space agency

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