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Fashion Mistakes to Avoid!

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Marbled Cable-knit Dress

Marbled Cable-knit Dress

Everyone wants to look perfect; no one wants to look clueless or make a mistake with their clothes. But before you find out what you should be doing right, here is a list of things that you should never ever do…

  1. Following fashion rules religiously! Some rules are meant to be broken and they must be broken! And, besides, it’s so much fun to do something that you are not supposed to do!
  2. Not embracing colorblocking! It’s one of the most enviable and revolutionary trends to be launched on the runways and every one must try it out without fail!
  3. Reserving casual and loungewear to just what they are – clothes to be worn at home when the last thing on your mind is looking good! Casual, gym and loungewear have come a long way from the confines of your home and now occupy the frontline in any ‘it’ girl’s wardrobe!
  4. Not wearing men’s wear stuff! Shirts, jeans, work pants, sweatshirts and gym wear – there’s virtually an ocean of choices for you to choose from, from men’s line, of course!
  5. You think vintage clothing is expensive and should be reserved only for special occasions!

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