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Floral-silhouette Dress

Floral-silhouette Dress

At one point or another we all do it and if it any consolation, know that nobody and by that we mean nobody is an exclusion to the rule. If you’re still clueless about what’s we talking about, it’s the fashion mistakes that people commonly commit. You a see a beautiful combination of a skirt and a tank top on a fashion magazine or on a mannequin at your favorite store and you try to imitate the same but don’t get the same results; familiar with the scenario? Well, this is called a fashion mistake.

Sometimes people wonder how a perfectly good style sported on a celebrity or a model looks so delectable on them and only when you try it, the same style can turn out to be a little disaster! This happens mainly because most women do not understand their own bodies, the shapes, the proper size and the colors that reflect and bounce of their skin. A simple guide to understanding body types and shapes is all that you need to get your style right! And, just ‘cos something is ‘in-vogue’ does not mean that you need to try it and it’s also no guarantee that a popular trend is gonna look good on you. So, what’s the solution? Forget fashion? No! Never! Do keep in touch with the latest fashion, but only if it makes you comfortable. You see, one of the foremost and primary reasons that clothes look so good on celebrities is that they’re super confident and comfortable in their own skin. So, pick clothes that suit you well and opt for styles that best flatter your best features.

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